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this how a clear drain looks, after a proper drain cleaning in Silver SpringDoes your home suffer from constant drain clogs? If you have small children, you know that they tend to experiment with various things, including toilets. Can I flush my doll? What about my blanket? Let's try and find out! Unfortunately, flushing non-biodegradable materials (including sanitary items or paper towels) will quickly and surely lead to a clogged toilet. Similarly, your shower drain is susceptible to drain clogs via built up hair, skin cells, and soap scum. It's important to practice proper drain care by only flushing bodily waste and toilet paper down the toilet and inspecting your shower drain every month or so to remove excess debris. Even if you cannot see hair build-up, it can travel down your drain and cause a bigger blockage later on down the line.

Luckily for you, our technicians can unclog the toughest of drain clogs via our drain snakes and professional tools built specifically for drain cleaning and clearing. For any type of drain cleaning in Silver Spring give us a call – we're ready to help!

Preventative Maintenance Can Keep Your Drain Healthy

We love educating our customers on what to do, and what not to do, in terms of maintaining drain health and preventing drain clogs. Here are a few easy to follow steps to practice in your home or business:

  1. Don't use chemical drain cleaners. These drain cleaners are easy to come by, but many are unaware of the dangers they pose – to your health and to your plumbing system. Overuse of these toxic chemicals can corrode your pipes, causing permanent damage that requires a pipe replacement. These conventional cleaners can also react with other substances to create a toxic gas that is seriously damaging if inhaled.
  2. Don't flush starchy foods down the disposal. Potato skins, corn husks, and other starch-filled food items get stuck inside of your disposal or drain and cause a nasty, smelly clog. Simply place these food items (including coffee grounds and fatty oils) in the regular garbage instead of down the drain.
  3. Don't flush foreign objects down the toilet. Educate your family members about what not to flush down the toilet drain. It'll save you a lot of grief and a wad of cash.
  4. Do call a professional. When in doubt, call the pros. You might want to tackle drain clogs on your own, but the chances of things going poorly are too high to risk.

Our team of professional plumbers in Silver Spring will tackle all of your drain cleaning and clog removal jobs with a smile. Want to put us to the test? Call today.

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