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any of our plumbers in Silver Spring can handle drain repairs, like Tim is doing hereAre you looking for a Silver Spring plumbing team that is dedicated, professional, and reliable? We are all that and more. Our team of servicemen and women are at the wheel, ready and waiting to serve you with their service vehicles fully locked and loaded. Our plumbers in Silver Spring, MD have drain snakes, video inspection cameras, and more – all of the required equipment that will keep your home or business running like a well-oiled machine.

We Offer Services for Your Entire Home


  • Drain clog removal and drain cleaning
  • Sewer line repair
  • Leak detection
  • Jim is installing a new garbage disposal, after removing the old oneVideo inspections
  • Toilet repair and installation
  • Shower and tub repair
  • Faucet repair
  • Fixture upgrades
  • Garbage disposal repair and installation
  • Gas line repair and maintenance
  • Water heater maintenance and repair

Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Furnace repair and installation
  • AC repair and installation
  • Thermostat calibration and installation
  • Humidifier installation
  • Heat pump repair and installation

Full System Repipes

In some cases, it is required that you replace full sections of your sewer line. Your plumbing system can become damaged beyond repair in several different ways:

  • our Silver Spring plumbers did this repipe Tree root invasion – pipes are susceptible to damage from overgrown tree roots that penetrate the pipe's walls, causing blockages and fractures that prohibit a healthy flow of water. Roots must be removed and, in many cases, sections of pipe must be replaced.
  • Cracked or corroded pipes – pipes can crack when subjected to extreme temperatures, such as freezing winters. They can also corrode when exposed to too many household drain cleaning chemicals.
  • Bellied pipes – a bellied pipe is one that has developed a sag (or belly) that catches waste and debris, eventually overloading the pipe and causing it to need repair.
  • Blocked pipes – pipes can be blocked by debris from within, but also by dirt or rocks from outside the pipe. If you've recently had landscaping performed on your home, then dirt could have shifted, causing the pipe to collapse and become blocked.

Our Silver Spring plumbers offer copper and PEX repiping services at an affordable price to you. Call us today so that we can perform a video inspection and identify the source of the pipe blockage or leak and begin to take steps to repair your sewer line ASAP.

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